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At 12:44 AM 6/13/96 -0500, Eric wrote:
>And that's why I'm going to start with the Christian Orginal Sin. Adam
>and Eve (actually Eve and Adam, right?) ate of the fruit of the Tree of
>Knowledge of Good and Evil, and thus ushered us into the modern era,
>complete with evil men and death.

This is often called the "Fortunate Fall," at least in literary circles.
The religious conviction for some is that this demonstrates that God gave
us free will. My mother (also an oddball Christian like me)[1] puts another
spin on it: she says that the knowledge of good and evil came *after* the
eating of the fruit. Since Eve knew not what she was doing before eating
the apple, Mom contends that this was not "A Gift of Free Will" from God,
but "the imposition of the nessecity of choice."

While I'm interupting and coattailing memes on your memes, I encourage the
reading of the poem _Salve Deus Rex Judaorum_ by Amelia Lanyer. (It's in
English.) It has an interesting *feminist* retelling of the Fall;
allthemore interesting because Lanyer was a Shakespere contemporary. (And
possibly the first published female poet).

The complete text can be located on line at

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Now; while you chew on that, I'll chew on what you wrote.

[ It's okay if you skip the introductory poems to her patrons. ]

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