Re: virus: Aristotle was a Memetician and Plato a Quantum

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Sat, 14 Jun 1997 13:10:35 +0200

Prof. TIm sez :

>And thank you for the extended dance remix of your thoughts. It was much
>more approachable and useful.
>One of my responsiblities as a Memetic Vector is to condense and
>redistribute the data I gather from eclectic travels so others don't have

I have the same attitude though my terminology would differ. Many
do the same under the name of "friendship", "fraternal love", "brotherhood".
Nothing sexist in here, applies to women as well of course.

>Time is a very limited resource (for instance, I get about 1 hour a

I know that too well. I have much work to do. Much more to learn.
You understand how depressing it can be when even after you spend the time
studying and do the dance remixes, some still will not respect the move ?

>An example is your expanded post. Now, even though I don't agree with
>everything you're saying, at least I feel like I know what it is you're
>trying to say. Thank you.

I'm not looking for agreement. I myself have to disagree with my ideas if I want
to progress or delete old preconceived notions.

But it's nice to share. It's a bootstrapping of learning.