Re: virus: Models

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 14 Jun 1996 19:10:52 -0500

David McFadzean wrote:

> A building? That would be nice some day. Right after the money
> starts rolling in. A gathering of people? Yes, it is already. An
> institutional religion as political or social force? Definitely, I've
> got high aspirations for this venture.

heh. And just when do we start paying for all this? CoV membership:
$50 a year? I don't think that jives with the entire point of CoV.
Putting a price on information seems to be just about the antithesis of
memetics. But anyway, since you seem to think that "Church" is indeed
what you like, I guess I can live with it. <sigh>

Prof Tim said:

> Sheesh! How long has he been here? And already he's tryin' to change the
> name! Kid's these days!!! I tell ya'...

Am I not free to question anything and everything, as the PCR position
maintains? Our would you rather I just keep my mouth shut when it looks
like I'm going too deep into the "fundamentals"?