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Sun, 15 Jun 1997 13:04:07 +0200

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>John ''!Boolean'' Williams wrote:
>> This is often called the "Fortunate Fall," at least in literary circles.
>> The religious conviction for some is that this demonstrates that God gave
>> us free will. My mother (also an oddball Christian like me)[1] puts another
>> spin on it: she says that the knowledge of good and evil came *after* the
>> eating of the fruit. Since Eve knew not what she was doing before eating
>> the apple, Mom contends that this was not "A Gift of Free Will" from God,
>> but "the imposition of the nessecity of choice."

What about this "alternate history version" :

Seemingly "god" (a scientist) clones Eve from Adam.
Adam knows Eve is created from his "rib". However, another scientist
(the serpent) has a different kind of ethical memeset : his idea is
that beings should be free, and not dependent on the will of "god"
to reproduce and so he teaches the clones to escape from the bond
that made their survival depend on somebody else, by the knowledge
of sexual reproduction.

Who's good and who's not ?

And who's God and who's not ?