RE: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Gifford, Nate F (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 10:49:47 -0400

From: Tony Hindle[]

I am suggesting a 100 percent ban on their advertising, that
includes preempting their devious little fucking schemes to spread their
memes with lighters etc.

Tim Leary's recipe for a beautifull day:
6 cups of coffee, a speed bomb, an eighth of black, two tabs
acid, a couple of lines of coke and a couple of E's to finish.
DISCLAIMER: under no circumstances would I condone having
6 cups of coffee in a day.

If you stay out of the drug culture long enough you lose track of the code
... what is a speed bomb, an eighth of black, and a couple of E's?

Why would you advocate the above paradigm of heavy drug use and object to
nicotine? Have you seen how ABSOLUTELY STUPID the heavy drug users of the
sixties and seventies have become? .... Execept for Tim Leary who seems
much smarter lately.

Don't get me wrong I advocate using drugs at least once in your life. As
an inoculation against choosing a career in public service. I will
encourage my son to inhale once ... just so he can never become president,
join the FBI, CIA, or the Armed Forces. For the long run though its been
my experience that I'd rather hang with people who have done drugs rather
than the ones who are ACTIVELY taking them. Its been my experience that
people who are moderate to heavy drug users do so to amplify experiences.
I can see taking drugs in front of the TV ... but not on a camping trip
for example. Yet the moderate to heavy drug users I have known would save
up drugs just to take them 8 hours out on the trail ... generally just when
it was time to make camp so they'd be useless once it was time to cook
dinner. Please note that camping here is the most obvious example of "Bad
Ideas that Drug Users can have". My point is that MOST drug users seem to
put their fix ahead of other's comfort/safety. Examples: passive smoke,
drunk driving <even below the legal limit>, etc. On the other hand there
is nothing more boring than spending a weekend in the woods with someone
who has never done drugs...non drug users seem to obsess on things ... the
bugs, the dirt, making time, ... whatever.

Anyway, the place I was going with this is a review of a book: Disco
Biscuits I read in the latest CMJ magazine: "What all this illustrates,
essentially, is the totality of dance culture in Europe, where it's
permeated everyday life to a degree unseen since the '60s. In America,
it's never moved beyond the underground, and even then only in certain
urban areas, which makes reading this anthology a particularly, and
occasionally disturbingly, foreign experience."

It seems like America's war on drugs has created a meme barrier that we're
not even aware of. Perhaps Tony or Drakir could comment on the ubiquity of
acid culture in Europe. Are there references on TV or in print that would
seem "dangerous" to us in the states. Since I'm writing from the midwest
its hard for me to judge what's accepted on the coasts ... and since I'm an
old fart its hard for me to say what those darn kids are thinking. I do
know that its been a long time since I've thought "Lets get small" was