Re: virus: Self-observation

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 13:41:50 +0200

At 11:08 16/06/97 -0700, vous avez écrit:
>Eric the Enlightened wrote:
>>Ultimatly, I think that the best way to "have a good time" in this
>>is to let yourself experience things without thinking about
>>them. No throughts like "gee... I'm having a good time now" because
>>ultimatly such thoughts only take away from the pleasure of the

I don't agree : I've had an experience where I was

1. Feeling the pleasure of seeing something.
2. Saying to myself "I know why I like that, it's because when I was
younger," and so on

and the pleasure wasn't lost, it was just different, a different
kind of pleasure : both feeling the beauty and knowing why this particular
thign should appeal to me broung another type of experience
which was actually highly pleasurable itself !

In trying to quantify and qualify the experience, you
>>become an observer of yourself (consciousness) and then cease to be a
>>participant in the event. Thus robbing yourself of it.

I think we can be both. Viewing oneself feeling of love for
somebody doesn't remove the feeling, does it ?

Viewing life as a computation doesn't remove the beauty of it, does it ?
Viewing love as a complex system of chemical changes doesn't make the
feeling any less real, does it ?

>Neurotic self-observation can detract from life experience, but healthy
>Level-3 self-awareness can add to it.

Bear in mind that Level 3 does seem part of the norm. Judging from
the norm of people with sane minds, I am crazy myself.