Re: virus: Original Thoughts

Eric Boyd (
Fri, 21 Jun 1996 02:02:22 -0500

Corey A. Cook wrote:

> There is one thing that I have grown interested in, and
> that is the idea of Original Thoughts. What is the
> consensous at Virus? Do we have Original Thoughts, or
> is it just rearranging things that we have heard before?
> Consider the implications before stating your opinion.

Original Thoughts. On a spur of the moment, no. We are all just
endlessly repeating what the Greeks said 2000+ years ago anyway, right?

One of the things that I noticed after writing my Divine Discontent
essay was that it turned out very similar to some stuff I'd read about a
year back... somebody else's big essay on what atheism is about. I
didn't realize that while I was writing it, of course, but it was very
clear afterwords when I found that web site again...

Or maybe not. Where did Darwin get his evolution idea from? Or come to
think of it, where did the Greeks get theirs from? There had to be an
orginal source.[1] I still think, however, that the vast bulk of our
ideas (99% of all the ideas out there, I would think) are just /reused/
material. Possibly recycled. Occasionally, a new one will come along.
And occasionally, a person who brings out several new idea's comes
along. These are the genius's (hmmm. can't spell the word. bad sign)
of our society.

hmmm. We are all our own miniture Meme Borg's:

"Your meme's will be assimilated. My resistance is futile."


[1] Funny how this looks similar to a theological argument for the
existance of God, eh? There's a moral in here somewhere, but I'm to
tired to dig it out...