RE: virus: Original Thoughts

Wright, James 7929 (
Mon, 23 Jun 97 08:51:00 EDT

From: Wade T.Smith[]
>> Get a life, there are better ways of answering some one and making
>>point without making an [sic] fool of yourself.
>>Strange Love and Better Manners,

>Well, we now have afro-centrists and crystal-rubbers here....
>What newage stuff and nonsense is next?
>And your example of manners is poor indeed.

> Wade T. Smith

This is probably not a voting matter, Wade, but in this case she gets my
vote for the better manners. She did not attack you personally, but your
method of expressing yourself.
Also, is all "newage stuff" = "nonsense"? Is this one of your biases
expressing itself, or just a reflex? I see people suggesting that "the
Church [Christian] is a good source of memes", which sort of at least
implies a willingness to investigate while looking for the useful. Are
you overlooking some possibly useful information / practices / ideas by
papering them over as "nonsense"? After all, some of the so-called
"newage" practices predate Christianity by significant time, which sort
of implies effective MEMES for propagation, survival and interpretation
are in use. But then, as long as you ignore that and concentrate on their
being "nonsense", then you don't have to think about how they managed to
survive and propagate.
How did those ancient and ritualistic practices among native peoples
survive? What can we learn / use from them to improve our understanding
of memetics? What can we incorporate from whatever sources of wisdom to
make our memes more beneficial to the greatest number of people possible?