virus: The One Universal Truth

Corey A. Cook (
Mon, 23 Jun 1997 12:50:53 -0700

I originally conceived the idea of The One
Universal Truth when I began to participate
in Virus. I was trying to come up with a
nifty .sig file when I typed out:

* The One Universal Truth: *
* Sometimes, you're wrong. *

It doesn't look as nice if you have a variable
width font, but with a fixed width font, it all
lines up nice like. I'm a bit of an order freak
(although discordianism is supposed to take care
of that), so I stuck with it. The more I considered
it, the more I liked it. I thought about changing it

The One Universal Truth:
You're wrong.

but not only did that not fit, it was too
oppositional (something that we zenarchs are
not supposed to get into). I was trying to
carry on discussions with angry Buddhists and
raving Objectivists, and so I discarded that idea.

Later, I began to change it around a bit, such as:

The Universal Truth:
Usually, I'm wrong.


The Universal Truth:
Usually, I'm right.


The New Truth:
We all must eat.

and that was about when school got out for summer,
and I lost my internet connection. Currently, I'm
an agnostic Pure Buddhist, but I havn't had the
occasion to come up with a new .sig yet.

Corey A. Cook

* Conversations between Schrodinger's Cat and Pavlov's Dog: *
* Cat: There is no enemy anywhere. *
* Dog: Then some of our friends are trying to kill us. *
* Cat: There is no friend anywhere, either. *