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Tue, 24 Jun 1997 14:53:03 +0100

Tony Hindle wrote:
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> >I'd have to say that if you're stupid enough to smoke (and no one get
> >upset, 'cos I'm one of those stupid people too), then it's your fault if
> >you die. It would be kinda the same as murdering the director of a
> >company that produced rat poison, if you were on your last legs after
> >purposefully downing a bottle.
> But nobody has actually shown conclusively that it is rat poison
> that would kill you. Corelation sure, but not directly proven causation.
> Anyway life is too short to worry about the effects of rat
> poison. I heard that its the latest thing, drinking rat poison like that
> guy on the advert. The chicks love it, and for girls it makes your tits
> bigger and Brad pitt will call only upon those who drink Marlboro rat
> poison.

Really? Cool. I'm gonna take it up.

Seriously, though, I see your point. Rat poison's not being advertised
for drinking (unlike Greene King - It's made for drinking!). It's
certainly stupidity on the part of today's youth, who know full well
that it's bad for you to smoke. I figure that you've gotta die
sometime, and it might as well be messy.

> If you really want to kill yourself just fucking do it man. But
> do it quick and dont let people make a profit from it.

What about the funeral directors?

catcha later,

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