Re: virus: Original Thoughts

Eva-Lise Carlstrom (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 14:34:43 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 24 Jun 1996, Eric Boyd wrote:

> Dear Chitren Nursinghdass,
> Having read your post on Orginal Thoughts, I must say that you must not
> have read mine. Sure the meme's we have now are possibly evolved from
> the meme's in the past. I could argue against that too, but there is an
> easier way to prove Orginal Thoughts: My point is that /sometime/ back
> there, there /had/ to be orginal memes. Simply because, at some point,
> humans /did not/ exist. And thus their meme's did not exist. Since
> they exist now, the only logical conclusion is that they were formed
> from nothing, thus Orginal Thoughts. What say you?

I'm not Chitren, but I have to respond with a resounding "Wrong" to this
one. Humans and their memes did not spring full-formed from some Zeus's
forehead. For some really fantastic explorations of this subject, read
Dennett's _Consciousness Explained_. It should go quite a bit higher on
the reading list than Jan Harald Brunvand's urban legend books,
interesting tho they are.