Re: virus: Original Thoughts

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 13:08:00 +0200

>Emergent properties.
>Both John and Tim have said things about new combinations of old ideas,
>and I think this is basically what it comes down to. In the process of
>adding meme's together, they /become more than the sum of thier parts/.
> <A>+<B> = <A>+<B>+<interaction of <A> and <B>> = <C>.
>In the same way that consciousness is an Emergent property of a bunch of
>neurons, I think that novility is an emergent property of meme
>combination. Whether or not such a combination of meme's really counts
>as an "Orginal Idea" or not depends more on your definition of "Orginal"
>than anything else. Everyone happy?

My thoughts exactly !

Will depend also on the conscensus (collective consciousness or culture).
Like most people would say Pythagoras invented "Pythagoras' theorem"
(of course the formula is named after him). But then somebody else
in India actually said the same thing before Pythagoras.

But then again, the essence of the relationship between such three
quantities have always existed, but somebody had to word it out
so that it became known or observed by others.

>and it took me a year and 5 mins to write that one!

Credit to you.