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Chitren Nursinghdass (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 13:48:15 +0200

At 21:58 24/06/97 -0400, vous avez écrit:
>After further examination of the web site, I've come to the conclusion that
>this is an Illuminati front; a toungue-in-cheek, if somewhat cynical,
>attempt to see what people will buy. Thought-virus! :-)

Not what I see. What I see is a condensed version of the translations
of the Nag Hammadi scrolls and other so-called apocryphal and pseudo-
epigraphic works. These are the works whose importance has been suppressed
or forced out of the current Bible so that churches and popes and politicians
may have more power over land and people alike.

"We'll tell you what to think, but don't forget it's the word of God who
also said gave you free will and thought". Highly autocontradictory...

Sometimes you'd see Ialdabaoth instead of Yaldabaoth, but the basic
ideas are there.

The Essenes were gnostics, or believers in knowledge or guardians
or secret (sacred) knowledge or the path thereto. The man known
as Jesus also learned in Egypt. Was from a family of Essene tradition.

Other heretics (in fact herMetics, keepers of hidden or occult knowledge)
were the Merovingians, the Albigensians, the Cathars, the Knight Templars.

All severely mutilated in flesh by the self-proclaimed man authorities.
The same that claimed to uphold the word of God were the ones to burn
people in public. Who's good and who's not ?

Incidentally if you like to think scientifically here's an ethical
problem, which isn't a problem if you are not egoistical :

If you cloned two beings, one male and one female, do you tell them
about sex or not ? Or do you keep them as experimental guinea pigs ?

Here's another thing : if you really are Kings of Kings and your
mission is to save the world, and people believe in you, will
your followers allow anything to happen to you ? During war,
do you really say where you are or do you strategically place
decoys ?

Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln argue that the man Jesus who became the Christ
(let's say memetic level X) did not die on the cross but fled to France.
Others argue they settled in the South. Others also say the man Jesus
travelled to India.

Now, the Essenes had a tradition of consanguinity. Same as the Bramins
in India. Holy Grail -> Saint Graal -> Sang Real -> Sang Royal. The Royal
Blood. Why is it necessary to preserve the blood ?

We know in biology that consanguinity can reveal defects after some time
(not enough variations).

Maybe to recognize the King of Kings when he returneth ? But to whose
blood would the new one be compared ? To the previous King of Kings'.

And hence the cup that contained the blood is also holy (secret or sacred or
bloody). And hence the work is to find the tomb of the King of Kings.
Some say in the Mont de Cardou in southern France.

I say that strategically speaking you don't keep all of your eggs in the
same basket.

Sure the gnostic ideas are a mixture of have many things in commons with
ancient jewish, indian, egyptian, arabic etc... systems. They all
describe the same things in different terms.

The negative aspects of all religions will not prevail, because those
with the real knowledge will eventually speak out because it's
time for change.

This is what I think. I don't expect anyone to agree. But I would expect
anyone with an open mind to try and find out for himself/herself and
maybe learn some interesting things in the process.