Re: virus: Memetics: our obligations

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 19:37:54 -0500

John ''Black UN Helicopters'' Williams wrote:

> > She is happy now.
> >Trapped in a thought prison, yes. But happy.
> We are all trapped in thought prisons; especially those who believe
> otherwise.

I've been thinking about "freedom", and have decided that without
"salvery" the term is actually meaningless. As with all dualitites, one
must have /both/ sides in order for /either/ side to have meaning. I
think we should all thank the Christians for providing a really nifty
thought prison so that we might escape and *know* freedom.

To be born, as in Russia, an atheist, is nothing. The real joy comes
when one is born into a Christian society (or any other /dominated/ one)
and then escapes. I cannot see now that I would will the absolution of
the Church. It is needed, if only to spur our actions and raise the
level of debate. Conscious variation of meme's at the /culural/ level.
Hail the Christians!

And on a personal note, I think John's presence here is good for the
same reason. Somebody has to present the other side, otherwise the
issue is no fun! If Evelyn was interested in "debate" I'd get her to
join as well. But she always tells me that "I just like to say things
are good and bad, and not give reasons" It is _this_ attitude, more
than any other, that I think I will fight. She can hold whatever
position she wants, as long as she is willing to analyze both her
position and others. Let the wars[1] begin.

> We are all trapped in thought prisons; especially those who believe
> otherwise.

But now. This is the same point I raised with the level 3 is actually a
level 2 meme-complex. I still think so, but I've been told otherwise...
maybe I'll borrow my mom's credit card and get the book from


[1] Wars. Yash talked a while back about "peace" and I see now that
peace is not what we want. Only in opposition do we /even bother/ to
develop our memes. Lots of talk on the historical side about how the
wars really developed the scientific knowledge of America. With a good
reason, and a little sense of "impending doom", people do alot more
work. In conclusion, I think the Church of Subgenius has it right

"Religion is not some panty-waist formula to sit upon fatly complacent!
It is clean-shaven WAR! "The Gig is up." We are all equal in God's eyes
if not Jehovah's and this gives us each a divine license to SMITE!
Jehovah's Winepress spilleth over with the blood of the innocent and
there must be JUSTICE!"