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tom.holz (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 22:33:48 -0400

>You'd want it in your meme sphere because /knowledge/ is *power*.
>Knowing the meme, and why it is bad, will allow you to dismiss other
>meme's of the same type. Immunity, if you will.

That's what you think. But I think that's what he thought, so my first
thought is that your thinking hasn't taken his thoughts into account and
you are at the same place he was prior to knowledge of the event. See my
argument several paragraphs down.

Note: The paragraph this footnote refers to has been deleted in the
editing process, but is worth keeping

[1] I get to my email an average of once a day, and with the mailing lists
I'm on, I rarely have the resources to do anything more than read once and
decide to trash or not. can't wait to get back to school.

>I'll conceed this: if one tells /why/ the meme is "bad", explains why
>one consciously censors it, all is well. We will have the immunity, and
>not have the bad meme! Sort of like having your cake, and eating it

I disagree a bit. And here's my rebutal: Lovecraftian hero's are allways
driven by their scientific curiosity. Only after they have seen the Thing
That Should Not Have Been Seen do they realize their error. And in "At the
Mountains of Madness", the hero ends up sharing a narrative in order to
disuade exploration, much like what might happen here (though that was
fiction, and this real life <vbg>)

Well, maybe its not my argument, but it should help to illuminate what I
mean. [2]

[2]On further reflection, my example could easily be used against me, which
seems to indicate that ..... BRAIN THING![2a]

[2a] OK... this is phresh out of my mind, so be careful. You encode an
idea in a metaphor, and transfer the metaphor. The recipient decodes it.
hmmm... where to go from here....

[2a cont.] Ok, I write a book. You read it, and analyze it. only you take
each chapter by itself, and out of context, but since I had encoded the
data at the book-level resolution, my ideas are transfered inaccurately.[3]

[2] Back to the example... "don't look to close, or you'll be seeing the
beautiful trees, when I wanted you to see the beautiful forrest."

[3] According to what I gather from Dawkins: an idea A that transfers
itself more accurately than B will increase its % representation in the

>anyway, methinks I'll start to censor myself before I even write it.
>This mailing list is taking up too much of my time. It's been fun and
>educational, but I've got this mammouth (big mouth? hmmm) reading list
>and it's going nowhere quick!

I'm just here building up an archive of Posts I Like. Soon many of you
will be recieving emails wherein I shall beg for permision to quote you in
some html creation or another.

Tom "this is why I had problems writing the 5-paragraph essay" Holz