Re: virus: A Memetic Analysis of the Lord's Prayer

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 13:51:01 +0200

>(votes on this becoming the First Law of Memetics?)

you definitely have mine.

Consciously vary your own memes and memesets until you can find
a meta-transition into a coherent fused meta-memeset.

Put otherwise : "Go Meta" or "Strive to rise above current levels"
or "Evolve !" or "Keep an open mind" (to favour partial linkages)
or "Love !" or "Know yourself" (because self-reflection forces
you to ask a string of question whose answers make you go meta),
stuff like this.

Same memes given in ancient texts and in spiritual texts etc and which
have hopelessly been deformed by people whose aim was to wield power
and authority over other people.

But when you witness the autocontradiction of those who label themselves
as believers/followers/practitioners, does that mean that the original
message was unpure ?

Same thing in science : if an evil-minded person uses a discovery
to threaten freedom and lives, does that mean the discovery has no
beneficial aspect to it ?

I've looked for common memes in all spiritual systems.

One that is common is this "Love your neighbour as thyself".