Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 00:10:41 +0100

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>Tony Hindle wrote:> But nobody has actually shown conclusively that it is rat poison
>> that would kill you. Corelation sure, but not directly proven causation.
>> Anyway life is too short to worry about the effects of rat
>> poison. I heard that its the latest thing, drinking rat poison like that
>> guy on the advert. The chicks love it, and for girls it makes your tits
>> bigger and Brad pitt will call only upon those who drink Marlboro rat
>> poison.
>Really? Cool. I'm gonna take it up.

You should, it gets you rat-arsed. BTW do you fancy brad pit?
>Seriously, though, I see your point. Rat poison's not being advertised
>for drinking (unlike Greene King - It's made for drinking!). It's
>certainly stupidity on the part of today's youth, who know full well
>that it's bad for you to smoke. I figure that you've gotta die
>sometime, and it might as well be messy.

I believe that the memetic engineers working for tabacco (thanks
again Eva, I will keep trying harder with my spelling, I still remember
the conditions for selection for breeding in the future) P.L.C.
cynically exploit the kids tendency to "do somthing that is bad for
you". They might even have created this culture wrt ciggys in the first
place. You Drakir, you are a spreader of the pro-smoking memes even if
you dont know it, you have been exapted by the tabacco PLC to do their
work, statistically your utterings will probably be responsible for the
death of another. (I realise that mine might also be, but at least Im
doing it deliberately ;-)

>> If you really want to kill yourself just fucking do it man. But
>> do it quick and dont let people make a profit from it.
>What about the funeral directors?

They make a profit from people's reluctance to realise that when
you are dead you are dead and thats that. I say if you have any old
relatives VISIT THEM NOW the'll apreciate it more than you visiting them
their funeral. (although I grant you I havent yet worked out how to
tactfully say "I am hear to say goodbye to you cos you must be going to
die soon")

Tony Hindle.
The problem with heart disease is that the very
first symptom is often sudden death.