Re: virus: Memes and other replicators

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 13:35:51 +0200

The whole thing is quite interesting now,

The term meme then should be reserved for mind ideas. Ok.

But then one should find another word for the intermediate
replicant form when one meme passes from a brain to another,
be it by language, written or spoken, depicted, etc...

There should also be a science of achetypes as very strong
generic replicators from which memes derive. Archetypes
as being to memes what genes are to phenotypes (or some similar

Even self-replication is a powerful self-replicating archetype.

A symbol for an archetype can be interpreted by a mind (a memeset)
as several different memes.

What about memes stored in their dormant replicant form on a
CDROM which is never interpreted by a human ?

They are then in a type of spore form, because if one day somebody
starts interpreting them again, then there is potential for spread.

Which is why I think that there should be the study of these things :

1. Science of Archetypes
2. Science of Memes
3. Physical Theory of Information.

The third is the more generic. Then 1. Then 2.