RE: virus: Memetics: our obligations

Chitren Nursinghdass (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 13:28:16 +0200

Hi Brett,

>I see the important thing as the
>conscious preservation of perfection, or INVARIABILITY. It would seem that
>survival of the fittest and mutation take care of variability as do chance
>and growth. Within the norm, the masses represent the greatest variability
>possible. It is not the mean (common, vulgar, gross, peasant, pagent, or
>"pagan") but the ideal toward which I aspire. What is the chance that a
>variation will continue? What is the chance that that which is invariable
>will continue? Seems genes take care of the first instance and is the
>responsibility of the breeding stock.

I see what you mean. It's part of the strategy for dealing with complex
systems :
As soon as you know that one part is working perfectly, then keep it and build
upon it.

But have this metaphor :

an army of near-perfect clone soldiers, threatening to destroy populations.

And a simple virus which takes advantage of one of the rare weak points that
these clones have.

Their lack of variability will make them prone to be eradicated.

Variability or adaptability enables you to overcome unforeseen destructive