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Bear with me as I meander...(concerning:"But have this metaphor :

an army of near-perfect clone soldiers, threatening to destroy populations.

And a simple virus which takes advantage of one of the rare weak points that
these clones have.

Their lack of variability will make them prone to be eradicated.

Variability or adaptability enables you to overcome unforeseen destructive

I thought about the masses (the clones you mention). I thought about
wolves--who, when they know they are defeated will bare their neck. I
thought about Achillies--who had one weakness. I understood that Achillies'
weakness wasn't his tendon, but the knowledge that another might possess of
this fact (for what is the chance of this weakness being taken advantage of
by accident?).
The abstract core of these thoughts seems to be: Honor. If I show you my
weakness, will you take advantage of it? If so, who is the better man?
Upon discovering that I am the better for bearing my weakness...will you
also show me yours? Then, we are in a battle of honor.

If (as in the clone instance) we are all aware of each others
weakness--being our own weakness as well--then, we must choose to mutually
ignore this weakness. The basis, therefore, of the unity of said army is
it's mutual agreement to ignore each other's weakness.

It is not variability from this weakness which will destroy this army. It
is an insistence on the truth of their (our) situation. It is this
insistence on truth which allows one man to advance from the situation
(develop a cure, a protection, an advantage, a strategy...) while the other
man refuses to even acknowledge his weakness.

We are a pack of wolves mutually denying and condoning our
weakness...showing our throats in playfulness..."knowing" that others within
our family will not take advantage of us...but what of those outside our
family? they adhere to honor or truth?

I say "THE" meme is invariable. It is the truth which has existed unchanged
since the beginning. The problem is that UNnatural selection (i.e. group
agreement) has made this trait rare...thus, we need the meme of this prime
cause to carry on its perfection in the absence of an actual copy of this cause.


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