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Prof. Tim ("I would offer that by "heart" we a referring to our narrative
locus. That
to "follow the heart" is to fulfill the needs of our internal narrative.
This is why the need of the "heart" are often in conflict with logic.
Logic seldom makes for a good story line.

As for spirit, hmmm... Maybe the personification of the narrative locus.
(Let me think on that one some more.)")

What I notice about these definitions is that for "heart" you use the plural
"our"...for "spirit"--through the word "personification"--you seem to imply
the singular, first person "I".

Would it be safe to say that heart refers to a group spirit and/or spirit to
an individual heart?

I like the idea that there is a social spirit which is attempting to
emmulate the individual spirit. I had not thought of this before. Good
luck following this "committee" decision.

I believed that:

Nothing good ever came from a comittee...that
A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link (or as good as it's strongest)...

Now modified to include:

Good things might come from comittees--it just takes so durned long!


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