Re: virus: Memetic WAKE UP call

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 01 Jul 1997 22:38:44 -0500

Hi everybody;

I've compiled all the talking about the "Reed Principle" and the
"Disipline of Translation" and "Everybody's Right" here into this

> I wish I could of done that "programming thing" you guys do with that "shell"
> thing so I could of" like<insert beevis voice here> impressed ya! (But I
> haven't quite figured that three liner out yet! If I would spent as much time
> studying as I did playing football, I bet I could do it!)

What a good idea... in case you hadn't noticed, the entire idea of a
"memetic shell" which helps propagate an idea was only a thought
exercise until a week ago. We "knew" it should be possible, but had
never really seen a good example. The Lord's Prayer was amazing. But
what you are talking about here is /intentionally/ designing such a
shell. Rather than just recgonizing one when we see it. Design. It
would be difficult. But I'm going to try.

And the place I think we should try is with the Reed Prinicple. Let's
make it into a Mind Virus. First, a review of what we want:

> Reed in the "DISCIPLINE OF TRANSLATION" stated:
> . < Instead of trying to drag their memes, individually, into line with yours
> my suggestion is to try to adopt their way of thinking, to truly delve into
> the undiscovered country of an alien meme-sphere.>

Mike Jay wrote:
> This concept is entitled "EVERYBODY'S RIGHT!" The purpose of this concept is
> to establish a "higher level" of understanding and foster a dialogue at a
> level beyond values. It also is an absurdity designed to raise the level of
> dialogue in such a manner as to cause a shift in one's thinking, I think you
> call it a meme!
> If we can "shift" our own modus operandi in to
> 1. recognizing the right of the individual to believe different based on their
> *held* information and acquired knowledge,
> 2. understand that it will do no good to assault them with *our* intelligence
> or *right way*,
> 3. shift our own perspective as suggested in DoT,
> 4. realize that while the person's truth may not hold up under examination,
> that it IS in fact THEIR INVESTEMENT and maybe be closely held,
> 5. realize that it is not our supra ordinate position to judge and make
> everything to everyone else right,
> we may invoke the *mechanism* of interdevelopmental dialogue and
> 1. lower emotional intensity and loosen the lock on the investment (our own
> and theirs);
> 2. collaboratively discover new mutual positions;
> 3. in the worst, "agree to disagree";
> 4. live and develop more peacefully; and
> 5. foster sustainability in view of pluralism and diversity.

David McFadzean wrote:
> The point of an argument is to learn. That is how both sides can win.

And here is the text of the original Reed Principle:

>> I think this ties into the discussion we were having earlier about
>> the idea of "Consensus Reality". Why didn't it get brought up
>> sooner? I wonder if it was becuase we were arguing while denying
>> our baser selves? Perhaps, to some extent, each of us was more
>> interested in seeing their "meme" triumph over everone elses: To
>> stamp their seal, to evangelize, to infect. It was only after we
>> all realized that that wasn't working that we began to pause
>> and say:
>> "Well, alright then...what do YOU think?"
>> And how many times have you read something and it just "passed
>> through" without ever really impacting you? And how many
>> points-of-view or interesting ideas do we ignore each day because
>> our mechanisms for filtering them out (for instance, by only
>>reading something refering to you specifically) aren't very good?
>> Object Lesson?

> Yes, and a good one. Maybe in future we can invoke the "Reed
> Principle" when we start to get too tied up in ourselves and seeing
> our memes win.

> Of course the parties invovled won't be able to see the need of
> invoking this, so we may need to count on others, not involed in the
> particular debate, to step in and tell us to chill out. (Yes, Eva,
> I got this idea from our conversation.)
> Can we all agree to step back for a moment and *just listen* when
> someone invokes the Reed Principle on us?
(Prof Tim said this)

Then I proposed a "step back, read all the posts for the last week,
inclucding your own, and then wait two days and sum up your thoughts in
one clear, concise, self contained post"

Now what I'd like the see is this: a completely self contained "Memetic
WAKE UP call" designed to be sent out to the people to engrossed in the
debate. The wake up call would remind them "Everybody's Right" (thanks
Mike, this is good), and then provide a little information about how to
proceed now that the wake up call has been given.

First, we need some attention getters. Button pushing. Start your
memetic recorders now!

Good Morning! This is your Memetic WAKE UP call!
This pre-recorded message has been invoked on the thread
______________________ ( fill in the blank )
Because the Memetic Vectors involved have become *too* involved.

Remember: Everybody is *right*! You don't have to win.
The purpose of an argument is to *learn*, not burn!
So step back and *listen*. Alter your meme-space;
And just try accepting what *they* have to say.

So read the posts from history, and learn from the past
Be sure to read *yours* with a critical eye, for your memes
Are no better than theirs. And after it's done, just sit back.
And take a few days to think.

Translate your meme-sphere, and think with *their* thoughts.
While they translate theirs and think with *yours*.
Two heads are better than one.
So mix up your meme-sphere and GO META!

And when you've thunk all the thoughts;
And seen all the Truth's
Only then are you ready to re-post
And share what you've leaned!

Make your post clear and concise;
Be Bold and beautiful;
And let it express all points of view... level 3, no less
So that when we all read it we *cry*

And such activity will help clear the air
So that all people involved will know
Just what it was you were saying, and why.
Let the meme's fly!

And when it's all said and done, just remember *this* message
So that next time, when the debate stagnates
You can invoke the Memetic WAKE UP call!
And find freedom *from* your memes.



hmmm.... perhaps a bit too long