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Wade T.Smith (
Thu, 3 Jul 97 16:46:54 -0400

>it is hard for me to totally disregard faith-- as it
>is a prime ingredient in story telling--

That completely loses me- how is 'faith' a prime ingredient in

Are you speaking of the 'willing suspension of disbelief' required of the
audience? I would not call that faith.

Are you speaking of the adaptation to character of the story-teller? This
also I would not call faith. (The character involved may have a great
deal of faith, of course.)

Faith would be, if, upon hearing a fairy tale, one strove to effect the
events of its plot in real life using the mechanisms of the tale- e.g. a
magic wand, or a spell, or a casting of runes....

Faith is usually folly, unless it's a group hug... in which case it's
still folly, but folly loves company.

Faith, Hope, and Charity. The Three Sisters of the Apocalypse.

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