virus: CoV failing?

Tom Loeber (
Sat, 05 Jul 1997 07:41:06 -0700

Subscribed to this list about a year ago and ended
up being virtually ostracized by my perspective of
memetics as exclusionary, "special" church order
creating, and essentially not acceptable as a tool
of a religious concept for myself. I also find using
terminology from one branch of science to attempt
to clarify another branch, namely cosmology, can
be used fortuitously only to a certain extent.
At a certain point, rather than adding to clarification
of a scientific pursuit, extreme analogy dependence
pushes an exploration out of the dictates of general
systems theory and consequently, into the realms of
impracticality. I recently joined again and went
through the archives and recent posts and I see the
mumbo-jumbo continues. I find nothing that is
infective to me here but I do find more substantiation
of my concept of MAEP (Misinformation-Alientation-
Existentialism-Psychosis) as detailed at my site
"A Few Tips for Surviving the Information Explosion"

Many newsgroups and mailing lists are happenning now
and though I may bop back to see how CoV is getting
on I prefer to spend my time with such groups as
the New Civilization Network, zeropoint, and the "new
kids on the block" of social change web sites

Before I do the unsubscribe thing again, would anyone
care to enlighten me as to how many members are
currently subscribed to this list? After that I'll be
on to spend my time watching the posts of my favorite
mail list so-far, the general discussion area of the
New Civilization Network. Their home page is at

I don't wish to be an interferon but if you spend a
lot of time here, I suggest you try some other tide
pools, at least briefly. Some are supporting a rich
diversity of conceptualization that can be quite
invigorating and refreshing.

Take care, there's very little given away.

Tom Loeber <>