Re: virus: Belief and Knowledge (was: The truth about faith)

Brett Lane Robertson (
Sat, 05 Jul 1997 15:09:35 -0500

I hope the thousands of scientists that work in the field of
abnormal psychology don't find out that their work is
imaginary! (Tim)


The word "imaginary" as used above is misleading; but, if "normal" is
defined as "natural" ("ABnormal" as "un-natural") and "psychology" is
defined as "thinking"; then, "un-natural thinking" IS imaginary (if
"imaginary" is defined as "illusionary").

I've studied "abnormal" psychology and found that those characteristics
considered as abnormal are actually very natural and healthy mechanisms
which are used by "normal" people as well. I've come to view psychological
DIS-orders as archetypal examples of "PERFECTLY ordered" personalities.


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