Re: virus: Re: Nirvana by the dashboard light

Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 06 Jul 1997 15:19:16 -0500

" every action of your life, you are either leading or
following...." (Atkins)

The archetypal experience you are describing is only true for one of the 4
basic archetypal groups, "the land owner/king". This group falls under the
classification of "matter" in the matter/mind/body/spirit classification
system. For example, according to the archetypal pattern (meme set?) of
mind--where the teacher/learner meme falls--there is the cop/criminal.
While the pattern in the first case is an either/or pattern, the second
pattern is neither/nor. In the sphere of body there is a developmental
pattern (both). In the spirit category the pattern is and/not.

The divine attainment for the land-owner is honor. For the spirit/priest it
is holiness. For the body/warrior it is glory. For the mind/teacher it is
righteousness. Being a leader/follower is of no great importance in
attaining holiness, glory, or righteousness.

Further, while the materialist acts as defender; the spiritualist acts as
redeemer, the mentalist as reformer and the body as protector. Which of
these would you say leads and which follows? The better question would be:
"What is it that we are defending, redeeming, reforming, and protecting?
The answer is the divine image (of warrior, preacher, teacher, king). This
does however presume "immaculate conception", or original (conception)
perfection (immaculate)--as opposed to original sin.

I think that this characteristic (an original form, borrowing from platonic
reasoning) is the basis of the archetype--OR MEME?! "One" form (again) is
not DIRECTLY conducive to the leader/follower pattern.


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