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Ken Pantheists (
Mon, 07 Jul 1997 13:09:05 +0000

Brett wrote:

Further, while the materialist acts as defender; the spiritualist acts
redeemer, the mentalist as reformer and the body as protector. Which of
these would you say leads and which follows?

I wasn't thinking in terms of archetypes when I made my statement. I was
thinking in terms of "when I'm in a room and I'm interacting with one or
more people I'm either leading the conversation, or activity or
following someone else's activity or train of thought."

Your archetypal model is compelling, but I doubt if I will ever meet a
pure materialist defender at a cocktail party. To answer your question,
I would think that the archetypes are components of more complex
processes. And they probably take turns being the leader depending on
who's hosting the cocktail party. I've noticed that Materialist
Defenders usually show themselves at or around Halloween.

The better question would be:
"What is it that we are defending, redeeming, reforming, and protecting?
The answer is the divine image (of warrior, preacher, teacher, king).
does however presume "immaculate conception", or original (conception)
perfection (immaculate)--as opposed to original sin.

If by that you mean we defend our ideals, I agree. I don't get the
connection with Original Sin.

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