Re: virus: Belief and Knowledge

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 7 Jul 97 20:56:06 -0400

>Sufi's have devised
>various ways of tackling memes that we have much to learn from. They
>specialize in micro-surgery using small stories that they insert into the
>ideosphere. These little puppies hunt down specific memes and baffle them
>into submission, similar to Koans. Similar to meditation, that, according =
>Ch=F6gyam Trungpa, bores memes to death.

And in what way is this 'micro-surgery' evidentially unique from =

Yes, memes are mystical- no-one can settle on a definition of one =
yet, it flits into space when cornered, shakes off a layer of skin =
when apprehended, hides in large mazes when pursued....

But, saying that mysticism is in any way an approach that memetics =
should be taking... well, I ain't convinced.

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