Re: Whacked Out Religions (Was Re: virus: Religion)

Eric Boyd (
Tue, 08 Jul 1997 01:20:56 -0500

Ken McE wrote:
> If you want to get a little serious perspective on your religion, I
> would suggest that you abandon the whole stuffy field of
> angry-daddy-in-the-sky-religions and look into something like the
> neo-pagan movement.

another net-search comming up...

> They are making it up as they go along, just like our ancestors did,
> and having quite a fine time doing so. If you are experementally minded
> you can play freely with ritual & beliefs, and see for yourself what
> happens.

Yes yes yes. I'm going to found the Queens University Church of
Freethought, just as soon as I get back to Kingston...

And I don't think the title "Whacked Out Religions" is very nice.
Certainly they may be new, and some of them may be strange, but as
creative endevors, they are to be upheld as a testimate to the
Promethean power of humans:

...we must celebrate the Promethean power of humans
to create - and recreate - themselves. It is
precisely our refusal to accept our biological
destiny which makes us more than insects.
Unlike our fellow species, we can transform
ourselves through thought and action.


and besides, *freedom* is the ultimate value
freedom to create comes with it