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> Hey, have a micro-surgery on me...
> "Ajmal Hussein and The Scholars"

Great story. You may be interested to learn there is a little known
sequel called

"Ajmal Hussein and the Acolyte"

When Ajmal told his peers how he had defeated the scholars at
their own game the Sufis crowed and preened themselves. Eventually
a young acolyte, whose name has been lost, grew weary of
their self-congratulatory behavior and asked Ajmal if the
story was true.

"Of course not," Ajmal chided, "real scholars would not
act like that. It is much easier to attack caricatures. Do not
let facts confuse the truth. Yes, let that be your first lesson."

The acolyte became very confused. "But how can you criticize
the scholars for caring nothing for the truth?" he asked. Ajmal's
eyes narrowed and he summoned his body guards.

"The scholars have infiltrated our organization. This man
is a spy. Execute him immediately!" Ajmal ordered, and so it
was done. The acolyte experienced first hand the literal
separation of head and heart and was (briefly) enlightened.

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