Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 03:08:16 +0100

In message <>, Drakir <>
>I'm not telling anyone what to do. IF you're dying of lung cancer, it's
>your own fault for being so "memetically yielding".

I disagree, I believe people are programmed to be memetically
>> > Once it enters society, peer pressure takes over.
>> >Just because it's bad for you doesn't make them selling it wrong.
>> >Tobacco's already in society. IT's not a new product, so restricting
>> >the advertising (flashback from a post a while ago) is useless.
>> I strongly disagree on this point. (And yet on a deeper level I
>> agree). If restricting advertising which is a control strategy in
>> memespace is useless then does this imply all memetic engineering
>> efforts are useless?
>No. If a new product is denied advertising, then it's memes cannot
>propogate. But, as we have discussed here at some point, an established
>meme is quite hard to kill, and will keep surfacing no matter what you
>do. Since tobacco has already reached the state where advertising is
>not it's main meme source, banning its advertising would not make much

Then answer me this. Why do the Tabacco co.s spend so much on
advertising and sponsorship? Please dont give me the "market share
argument" or else I will have to conclude that you are stupid and have
small dysfunctional testicles.

>Yes I do. Every time I go to bed after smoking too much, and wheeze
>myself to sleep. I think "Fuck this stuff is killing me..."

You think it, but you dont really believe it.
>> Nobody knows until they are at least diagnosed with
>> terminal lung cancer. And even then most people will have dealing
>> strategies so that they dont fully realise the enormity of their fate.
>Life's a bitch and then you die. I'm not scared of dying.

Then you dont really understand what death means.

[if I were a Tabacco profiteer I'd continue]

>> Same here but I'd be crapping in my pants at the thought of one
>> of the brink of death lung cancer patients deciding with not an ounce of
>> doubt that it would be one final virtuous act to kill a carefully chosen
>> person from Tabacco plc.
>So hire body gaurds. You'd be rich enough.

I am sure they will when they learn that some of their
colleugues have been targeted, its all part of the disinsentive process.

[ciggys dont kill guns do, no they dont carbon monoxide does, no it
doesnt lack of oxygen does, no it doesnt birth does]
What a bunch of kids you are, I like you all more each day.
Tony Hindle.