Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 03:45:46 +0100

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Tim Rhodes <> writes
>I've stayed off this thread for the most part, but I do have one comment
>for you, Tony.
>By making the issue about the suppliers and distributors (Tobacco Inc.)
>aren't you making the same mistake our Govt. makes in the War on
>Drugs(tm)? Shouldn't an effective Tobacco mind virus be about disabling
>the demand side of the equation?

I have been specifically targeting the people who spread the
propoganda on behalf of tabacco plc (and get paid for it) Reduce their
input and any people who took the drugs would be informed by a more
dispassionate (no profit to be made) scource.
Lets be honest there are two elements combining to decide
behaviour, one is the subjects experience with the drug and the other is
their PERCEIVED risk. Allowing people to profit from distorting peoples
perception of reality is shitty.
Thats why we should all tell our cancer friends to consider
doing it.
>Remember, this is meme construction and warfare, not health class. A good
>punchline will do more damage than any bullet.

Then send me some good punchlines, I will be gratefull.

Tony Hindle.