Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

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Wed, 9 Jul 1997 03:35:24 +0100

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>A progagating suicide meme is viable if it can garner converts fast enough
><"The War To End All Wars"> or if it occurs late enough in life for the
>carriers to reproduce and propagate the meme <The Hemlock Society,
>Kevorkian, Steppenwolf, Smoking>.

I think it is interesting to consider what might be the effect
on smokers if the risk of smoking was realised (unchanged in size) in
different ways, e.g.

1) As soon as you smoke a ciggy you must roll the dice which
subjects you to the apropriate risk of getting fatal cancer there and
2) Each ciggy brings foreward your death by x mins (and you know
the date).
3) The entire planet earth would be subjected to the apropriate
risks as in 1 and 2.

>A meme that I see as very similar to suicide is procreation. Have you ever
>noticed how many people who swear they'll never have children don't get
>themselves neutered? I have a friend who was going ape shit because he
>thought his wife had gotten pregnant and his self-indulgent yuppie
>lifestyle was in danger. But even after that scare he didn't want to get
>his seminiferous tubules tied.

A "have the snip attitude" is corelated with a "I am so sure of
what I want that nothing will ever change my mind" attitude.

> For women getting cut makes sense because
>after 30 birth control pills raise your risks for some kinds of cancer ...
>For men getting cut makes sense because you can pretty much guarantee
>yourself freedom from paternity suits. Any ideas for making
>vasectomies/tubals cooler?

Advertise them heavily.
"Since I had all the sperm removed from my ejaculations eight
out of ten girls say the taste has improved.

>By the way ... its the 4th of July, what are you and Tony doing this
>weekend? :-).

Over here we heard about 30 seconds of news regarding july 4th
(followed by 8 hrs of american sitcoms)

> Someone just got mad at me in the elevator when I broke into
>their conversation.
>Person #1: What are you doing this weekend?
>Person #2: Nothing much.
>Person #1: Why not?
>Me: Look at his name tag ... with a name like Gunkel its obvious he's a
>Person #1&#2: Glare.
Tony Hindle.