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Ken Pantheists (
Wed, 09 Jul 1997 21:08:11 +0000

Yes, you are offending my intelligence, as are others...

Well, as long as we have are roles straight...

Perhaps I have come off a bit harsh, but I am too old to be bothered by
mystical bullshit any more. It has had its thousand years of attempting
to make its point. It has failed.

So I guess the human race ought to get over this mystical crap before
you die of old age, no? ;-)

Dali's embrace of technology and the effects of media should be more
than enough to convince you.

Wade, in your model of the world, there would be no Dali. He would be
redundant. (in more ways than one)

In any case-- you are a fantastic scientist and who knows, maybe you can
cook or fix a car really well too, but you get a D minus in "Arts". I'm
surprised that you treat your favourite artist with such contempt. To
look at the complexity of the relationships between styles-- the
treatment of mystical material in his Crucifiction, Last Supper and
Portrait of Abraham Lincoln and his dialogue with Romanticism-- and draw
one single little text out of it??? Mysticism is a bag of shit???

That's worse than a fundamentalist christian's reaction to an unclothed
statue of David.

Wade, old man. Before your 80th birthday, you should get a flask of
scotch and really *sit* with Dali. (or more accurately, the Dalis)

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