virus: Sympathetic vibration

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Thu, 10 Jul 1997 11:12:42 -0500


Date: Wed, 9 Jul 1997 11:17:08 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Reed Konsler)
Subject: virus: Gyoto monks (that's such a cool name!)


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1) Sympathetic "vibrations" sound like sympathetic magic. This is a
association-meme which expresses itself in more sensational ways as
like voodo dolls and tarot readings. While this association has served
humankind well it is commonly acknowledged that it is no longer "proof"
a causal link between things.

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Ken McE comments:

Sympathetic vibration is a reasonably well known and understood
phenomena. It may may considered a part of physics, specifically
acoustics. For an object to vibrate sympathetically means that it has
begun to move or vibrate in harmony with some other object that is
emitting acoustic energy.
Automobile designers go to great lengths to avoid having one part of
the care flex or vibrate at the resonant frequency of another part. If
they mess up you can get odd, permanent, sounds or vibrations that seem
to have no apparent cause.
I don't know offhand which frequencies monks, violins, innocent
bystanders, or Fiats vibrate at. I do know that they may be able to
vibrate one another, and you don't particularly need to drag in the
supernatural to explain it.

Regards, Ken McE 8-)

“Just blame it all on those pesky memes.”  - W. L. Benzon