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Richard Brodie (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 11:08:09 -0700

Tim wrote:

>Richard, please explain why making memes accessible isn't conducive
>to their distribution in the memesphere.

My work is extremely accessible, it's just not FREE. If I thought giving
it away would make it spread faster, I'd give it away.
>BTW, I've never heard of Cialdini, but I have heard of Calvin's work.
>does that square with your "effective ways to spread memes." (Or are
>really talking "effective" ways to sell books, Richard?)

It's a dangerous game to extrapolate from your own behavior to that of
the masses, particularly when you are far from the norm. Cialdini is
quite well known and in fact has been recently mentioned in this forum.
Read a review of his book "Influence" at the Memetics

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