virus: The game of life (was Gyoto monks)

David McFadzean (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 13:37:15 -0600

At 11:17 AM 09/07/97 -0400, Reed Konsler wrote:

>And there isn't any use, David, throwing up
>your hands when people go reletivist or speak
>foolishly and saying:
>"Well, if you aren't going to be REASONABLE
>then you can believe whatever you want. I
>don't care."

You're right, I do care. The problem is that
when reason fails I feel like my only tools
left are fraud and force and I don't like either

>And "being reasonable" is exactly the issue in
> whine about it betrays your
>neurotic circularity. Life is not a debate or
>a game of chess. There are no rules.

True, life is not a zero-sum game like a debate
or chess. But it is a game. And the people that
acknowledge that "fact" tend to play better than
those who don't.

Life is the best game ever invented. Nothing else
has so much at stake. The rules change constantly;
one of the goals is to discover the rules, another
goal is to create new rules. There are games within
games within games, too many to play in all. Everyone
is a contender in some games, and merely a pawn in
others. One goal is to discover the games in play,
another goal is to choose which to play.

Unfortunately most people seem to be oblivious to
the game(s) of life. If you ignore or opt out of
a particular game you tend to end up as a pawn or worse.
For better or worse there is only one way to opt out
of them all...

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