Re: virus: Belief and Knowledge (was: The truth about faith)

Eric Boyd (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 19:09:33 -0500

Peter Charlot wrote:

> Exactly! The only proviso is that your meme(s), in order to
> create the necessary turbulence, have to
> be non-linear. Is your "Freedom!" non linear? The test is
> whether the outcome of believing in "FREEDOM" is
> predictable. Off hand it sounds like your looking for a
> "positive" outcome. This is linear. True freedom
> requires the potential for any outcome. This is what
> evolution did when it created the human mind. It, in
> effect, created the first non-linear system, animals
> being variations on linearity within life-chaos. So, in
> effect, we all ready have your religion
> built in. Unfortunately, many choose to be linear, such as
> decaying religions and old thinkers, etc.

hmmm. linear memes. Is that even possible?

hmmm (three hour break)

I think linear memes *are possible*. Faith (that is *blind* faith) is a
linear meme. No matter what other meme's come to play, the original
meme is left unchanged. Therefore predictabal. Linear.

In fact, it is this "sensorship" that I would fight against most. There
are dozens of Christian Articles on the web about things Christians
*shouldn't* do, think about, try, etc. The article on Middle Eastern
religion/fighting styles and dragons is a good one... It was on the same
site as the Witnessing to Liberals article:

But freedom is about *freedom* to *choose* any thing you like. Meme
space modifying on the fly, because you are *not* bound to any idea. As
I see it, level 3 (and the book has arrived!) and freedom of memes are
nearly the same thing.