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Wade T.Smith (
Thu, 10 Jul 97 23:58:37 -0400

>My point-- to reiterate. Is that the use of the word mystical or
>non-physical in the description of art-- as in the program notes of a
>concert-- are [sic] not bogus.

If that was your only point, forgive me, I missed it. Of course, anyone
can say whatever they want in the program notes to a concert, regarding
anything. And in the case of a presentation by a select and specifically
talented and trained group of monks, the words 'mystical' and
'non-physical' would be appropriate, if not cohesively linked.


That's as far as I'll let them go....

And just for the 'what it's worth' department- the reactions you speak of
are very well known in the field of electronic music, where sustained and
well-controlled tones are produced, often with visceral effect.

In his famous silent room experience, Cage remarked on the sensation of
'hearing his thoughts.'

Your description of your reactions matches almost precisely my memory of
my reaction to Tudor's performance of Cage's Variations IV.

And as well, during the monkey chants of the Balinese Gamelan. (Which I
have heard in person. Glorious.)

And I would love to see the monks. I have only heard them on recordings,
and as my experience with all live events has shown, there ain't nuthin'
like being there.

However, I will take the program notes with a goodly dose of salt....

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