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Fri, 11 Jul 1997 12:18:26 -0400 (EDT)

>Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 11:42:18 +0000
>From: Ken Pantheists <>
>Well, Reed. You should pay more attention to what you read. That wasn't
>what I said at all. You're crossing into a territory of culture in
>context. Artistic texts as segments of a cultural narrative. You are a
>level three scientist, but you are a level two art critic.

Hey, YOU...
Yes, YOU, the pretentious fucker.

A master of any discipline is noted for the fact that he or she does not
have to claim superior knowledge or talent. It is simply known in the

>(That's okay since I am a level one scientist--- "fire HOT, stars, bright")

Now you slam yourself? Do two wrongs make right?

>I JUST PUT IT into an intersubjective language. You haven't heard it
>because of your filters. Go back and read my post again but this time
>imagine another voice other than the california hippy voice you imagined
>when you read it the first time.

Ah, grasshopper, you fail again.

It doesn't matter what kind of power you have, you must always be
maximally and totally responsible for what happens to and because of
you. Blaming lack of communication on the student is the first thing
you train teachers NOT to do.

[Are you baiting me to make a public spectacle? If this is all an act
then, damn, are good! It takes a strong actor to play a
fool. This has to be an're the one who told ME these things
a year or so ago. I'm getting very confused]

>Now, if you were my student I would slam you so hard, you'd be working
>double time just to catch up on the basic monologue work.

Ah, but I'm not. So what you "would" do is irrelevant. If you were my
student you would also need remedial training in many things. We have
different areas of focus. Wanna bash heads again? Mine's thick!

>It's nobody's responsibility to hand you a guarantee of anything.
>Princessy behaviour like that really makes for sad, ugly derivitive
>work. (And people like that usually end up working alone anyway)

Agreed. The responsibility rests with the artist to perceive, interpret
and express. That is what I'm doing. If you don't like my art then
you don't have to fund it. I'm not as primitive an art critic as you suspect.

You make too many unsupported assumptions. A little technical training
would help you out of that.

>You are so connected (to science, the government, the media) whoopie
>good for you. The conversation is about a physical discipline. Which has
>to do with connection to YOUR OWN PROCESS.... connect to that. Do you
>study High Jump by watching videotapes!!!???

Ah, grasshopper, you fail again.

Experimental science IS a physical discipline requiring precision, coordination
and years of practice to achieve proper technique...Perhaps you should take your
students to an organic chemistry lab to watch us dance? The subtleties of
running a flash column would boggle your mind. We like to play classical
music sometimes to help us with our timing.

Stephen, why can't you respect me as an artist? Have you ever seen me
perform? Do you think that becuase you don't feel like a competent scientist
that I should also be an incompetent artist? Does that make you feel more

I'm just this guy, you know? I tend to discount everything I say. It's other
people who find it so fucking impressive.

Search me. I just do what makes me happy. :-)

>If you think these "mystical ways of knowing"
>are worth pursuing then talk to my people. ... We'll get back to you.
>Gee. I wish I had people. But since I'm just a puny individual who has
>to appeal to a whole group of people now... hmmm.... I risk offending
>Reed AND his people...... yikes. I'd better remap my thinking on this
>and dump 11 years of professional experience as a voice coach and
>performer. Heck there's a whole crowd who could disagree with me.

Ah, grasshopper, you fail again.

All the people are our people. We communicate with them and thus through
them. I trust my fellow humans to support me in the sea of memes...I trust
their judgement even though sometimes I don't understand it. I don't let
them tell me what to do, and I speak my truth plainly and with conviction.

I'm wrong a lot. But a least I live with as little fear as possible. My voice,
I am sure, will be heard when it resonates and will fail when it is in discord.

Stephen, please...I can't play this game forever. I respect you too much to
have this fight.

Recommended Reading (these are short stories
contained in many popular anthologies)

"The Hunger Artist" Franz Kafka
"The Use of Force" William Carlos Williams
"The Yellow Wallpaper" Charlottle Perkins Gilman
"A&P" John Updike
"I-80 Nebraska, M.490-M.205" John Sayles
"The Egg" Sherwood Anderson



Reed Konsler