virus: Seattle Workshop.

Ken Pantheists (
Sat, 12 Jul 1997 18:09:13 +0000

Alright. After sending the last post to the vibes thread I thought about

I truly am sickeningly mad at myself for getting into this flamer.

So I will make the following offer as a peace-gift to reed.

I would like to conduct an experiment for Reed while I'm in Seattle.

I will offer a free workshop for the four list members that live in
Seattle (as well as any others who can make it). This will be a Vocal
Harmonics workshop. It'll take about an hour to do and I would need a
room that is accoustically "alive". That is sound has to bounce but
without echoing-- like a shower.

As well as being participants, those who come will also be "recorders
and Reed can ask any questions he wants to any participants. We can even
videotape or audiotape it if Reed wishes. Hopefully, by the end of the
hour, all of you will know how to do this.

I came to this idea after thinking how Reed asked fairly for me to seek
out his people and teach them. While I was in defensive mode this made
little sense to me-- that he has people I have to appeal to.

But in retrospect, I see his point.

I also feel that I was hasty in getting "My last words" out. In
retrospect. No one person really has full rights over a discourse. So to
declare it "over" was a bad move.

I normally charge $100-$150 for an hour of ensemble work. But for the
goodwill of the list members and as penence for my flame war... gratis.

I ask only one thing in return. That we be more sensitive in the future
to "rewriting" the material of others.

I am in Seattle on the weekend of Fri. Aug. 8 to Sun Aug 10.

Who's up for it? You decide the time and place.

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