virus: Movie revue- Contact

Ken Pantheists (
Sun, 13 Jul 1997 22:51:21 +0000

Saw Contact this afternoon.

There are some very impressive special effects, although I would not
classify this as an FX movie. There is maybe 1.5 minutes of cool SPFX

Actually, I had to say that because I was always told to start off a
review with something positive. The movie is pretty diappointing.
Contact is a noble attempt at making a "message" movie out of a genre
that has shed, somewhat, its speculalative nature in the last few years.
However, these attempts at emulating 2001: A Space Odyssey fall flat as
the story is weighed down by bad writing-- there is an hour of material
in this puppy and they stretch it out over two.

The dialogue suffers... actually if you've been on this list for at
least a year, you've already heard every line of dialogue in the film.

And the conflict suffers from contrivances of the worst kind. The
antagonists make a decent showing, even though their dialogue calls for
some moustache twisting.

In short:

Right brain: "thumbs down"

Left brain: "thumbs down"

Wait for the video.

Ken Pantheists

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