Re: virus: Movie revue- Contact

tom.holz (
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 13:13:40 -0400

>And the conflict suffers from contrivances of the worst kind. The
>antagonists make a decent showing, even though their dialogue calls for
>some moustache twisting.
>In short:
>Right brain: "thumbs down"
>Left brain: "thumbs down"
>Wait for the video.

But if you see it in the theater, you might get to hear the kids in the
back snickering at the opening sequence. I'm guessing they were facing a
novel situation (in this case, silence for more than the time it takes for
a gun/match/body to fall to the ground), and all of them were thinking
about what everyone else was going to think about them, so they ignored
anything intelligent they were trying to think... either that or they just
thought it was dumb, in which case you can check me off as an elitist.

Apparently a local radio dj said something like this about the movie:
"There's going to be a part of the movie, I can't tell you what it is, but
you will know it when you see it. During that part, stop watching the
movie and look around, and you will learn a lot about the people sitting
near you by observing their behavior." Strange wisdom from the /new/ rock

waiting for Starship Trooper,