Re: virus: Just asking...

Wade T.Smith (
Mon, 14 Jul 97 19:45:03 -0400

>Is it possible on *this* list, to talk about <Mysticism> without it being
>seen, by some, as some sort of mystical discussion?

Yeah, I think so, as long as one doesn't come to any conclusion
determining that there are any answers to be arrived at....

Mysticism is, mostly, a personal appreciation of the mysteries of the
cosmos. And there it sits. Once we try to take it off this throne, or
cast it around, it has no clothes.

As such, it is, ain't it?, a behavior-determining memetic construct. I
never stooped to conquer it in its place, and I would never pretend to
devalue its position in many people's ideological makeup.

But it ain't in mine, at all, anymore....

Doesn't stop me from reading Blake, or enjoying Goya, or listening to
Balinese gamelans. Or from reading these posts....

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