Re: virus: Somethings Missing (from: gyoto monks)

Michelle Lee Gendvil (
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 20:43:51 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 14 Jul 1997, Tim Rhodes wrote:

> >> > Yes, YOU, the pretentious fucker.
> I was at a party the other day. In the kitchen, where parties always tend
> to form their locus, was a large and mixed group of people. A couple boys
> began bantering back and forth and soon their masculine expression of
> affection took them to the " you're talking out your pink starfish" and
> "fuck, you." "Oh, no, my friend, fuck you, too" stage of conversation. I
> was merrily enjoying all this for the comrodery that it was, when I
> suddenly realized that all the females had left the room. And also that,
> with the absence of the women, the conversation had become less vital was
> progressing at a much slower pace.
> Just out of curiosity, are there any females left on this list at this
> point?
> Some women are attracted to pretentiousness and even admire it.
Women who enjoy pretentious men feed the very ego which needs to be
extinguished. For this reason I choose to admire the ego without
feeding it. Please excuse my feminist attitude. Feminism and male
egoism (for obvious reasons) clash and create gender warfare.
I do not care for such controversy. But if it will help to liven up the
rhetorical meme, the female counter-part is amongst you, and quite
content admiring the male ego from afar.

Here's a few female thoughts to keep the balance.
Often when a female admires a hyper-educated,
"egotistic" male, the male will use his knowledge and
overconfidence as a means of seducing the female. The most discouraging
part is when the female elaborates on something she
knows a lot about, the man
really doesn't seem to give a shit. His eyes glaze over and he
somehow manages to manipulate the topic of conversation to a subject
he knows "all" about. If the female
counterpart argues a point made by the male counterpart, she
is wrong because

male always get final word.

The result?
A bunch of women who struggle to be (in the physical sense) the
"___ est" (fill in the blank with adjective describing an
attractive female). All because females didn't get enough
attention from their fathers. I know its not man's fault. Its the
result of an outdated meme that is deeply ingrained in our society.

There's a
little Ying for the palate.:>
- Michelle Gendvil