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Ken Pantheists (
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 10:12:54 +0000

oops. I forgot that Reed's was among the many memes that made me see
this movie.

Don't worry. I wasted my own time and my own money. And my review is
only an opinion. It isn't meant to put down people who like the movie.
After all, I'm just putting my memes out there.

I also didn't intend for it to sound art-snobby. I do work in tv out
here and believe me... you can't be a snob. Maybe the reason i'm being
hard on it it because I really was expecting good entertainment.

Reed asked:
Stephen: would you recommend people take children
to see it, say 12 or so? Or do you think it's message
also isn't worth it?

I agree, a 12 year oild could see this flick, but it's mising a couple
of ingredients that a twelve year old would find entertaining.
(Co-incidentally, they are the ingredients *I* find entertaining as

1) Some really cool aliens.
2) A chase scene where the bad guy really gets it.

I agree with you Reed. It's a decent, feel good movie, to some. But
judging from the lobby conversations it's also a "not great" movie.

It really is interesting to see science portrayed in this light and
definately a move forward. My feeling is only this. They should have run
it through one last panel of screenwriters and moved it a little further