Re: virus: An Atheist heretic

Eric Boyd (
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 03:04:45 -0500

Tim Rhodes wrote:

> > Freedom, Evelyn, means *freedom*, not obeying what some book or some
> > <God> has to say. The freedom to choose for myself. To decide, for
> > myself, what is right and good. The freedom, Evelyn, to be my own God.
> It is also the freedom to choose **TO** obey some books or what some God
> has to say. To decide, for herself, if that is right or good for her.
> I'd watch it if I were you. I think you're in risk of being kicked out of
> your own chuch as well.

Only too true. That's why I'm right back now where I was a while
back... "hey Ev, anytime you want to know what I beleive and why, call
me and I'll explain"... the burden[1] of *ignorance* remains with her.
But she shows no signs of interest... sigh...

Although I'm thinking about making us equal in gifts. A year+ ago she
gave me a Bible, and I want to give a book to her now, just to "even it
up"... any suggestions? Gonna have to be a good one, to match the

(you really think I could kick me out of my own Church? I don't think
that's possible either... I beleive in FREEDOM! How can "I" condemn
"myself" for my own views?... it's just two me's fighting it out over
freedom, instead of two people) I think this freedom idea is /hard/ to


[1] or is that "Bliss of ignorance" ???

BTW, I have now finished Virus of The Mind. The "introduction" sucked,
but the rest was quite good... why didn't anyone tell me about "second
order buttons"??? A "level 3" analysis is on hold, until I go back and
read the incredibly brief descriptions *again*.

My dad is reading it now. He has a few problems with the
characterization of "evolution"... sounds serious, and frankly I'm out
of my depth. I never even *took* biology in high school! I will see if
I can get him to post...