RE: virus: Just asking...

Wright, James 7929 (
Wed, 16 Jul 97 12:45:00 EDT

From: Eric Boyd[]
>Hey! This reminds me of one of my favorite quotations... "You can't get
>there from here"... question: where did this quotation come from? I
>want to read the book it came from originally... but I don't even know
>who said it first!


I remember it about the way Wade remembers it, as the punch line of a
joke that starts out, "Hi there, Mr. Farmer! How do you get to
The farmer starts off in pleased certainty, listing one road with its
twists, turns, old stumps for markers - and then remembers that the
bridge over the river washed out this spring. He tries again, using
another road, then after several seconds recalls the mountain pass had a
rockslide, again making the road impassable.
This happens several times, until at last in sad puzzlement the farmer
concludes "Well, I guess you can't get there from here after all."