Re: virus: Memetics: our obligations

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 02:58:12 +0100

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Richard Brodie <> writes
>Tim wrote:
>>Richard, please explain why making memes accessible isn't conducive
>>to their distribution in the memesphere.
>My work is extremely accessible, it's just not FREE. If I thought giving
>it away would make it spread faster, I'd give it away.

In my case it will cos I am skint and the library has to get it
on special loan (not long enough to read it), then again I am a stand up
comedian not far from attainement of memetic explosion.
(I have VOM, I want GPOK.)
BTW I want a fiver in Brodie global inc. Gentlemans Honour.

>It's a dangerous game to extrapolate from your own behavior to that of
>the masses, particularly when you are far from the norm. Cialdini is
>quite well known and in fact has been recently mentioned in this forum.
>Read a review of his book "Influence" at the Memetics

Take this as my stock response to anybody quoted who I havent
read please.
Tony Hindle.