Re: virus: Tabacco mind virus.

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 17 Jul 1997 04:04:37 +0100

"Gifford, Nate F" writes
>> Eva wrote:

You fancy her dont you?

> But WHAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF was that security then
>began patrolling the concert grounds enforcing order.

Ooh, security guards at camping sites, bad vibes man.

>If society would allow natural selection to operate unimpeded then I could
>accept your "lighten up" attitude. I don't give a fuck about the
>consequences of YOUR ACTIONS FOR YOURSELF OR YOUR KIN. Its when your
>actions directly affect me or cause the Leviathan to affect me that I
>grumble about what an insufferable felcher you are.

Then keep your ignorant rantings to yourself, fuckface)
>Tony wrote:
>> I sense that you are always behaving responsibly. Surely then
>>for you it would be all the more fantastic to behave irresponsibly. We
>>all need a healthy ratio. 100 percent of any extreme is irresponsible.
>Nate replied:
>Not really ... but I do keep the downside in mind. My standard rap here is
>about the difference between "adventure" and "fucking up". Stupid people
>seem to confuse fucking up with adventure ..." We all got real drunk and
>then went out and chased each other on our trail bikes" ... that's fucking
>up when you do it around me because I don't want to run the risk of you
>running over my camp site with your bike. "I waited 'till the drunks
>passed out and then increased the slack in the brake cables on their trail
>bikes" ... that's adventure.

Not as much as pulling that trigger (for those who have nothing
to lose and everything to gain, hallulugia, praise the lord.)

> just pisses
>>>me off because eventually I end up paying for the consequences of their
>>>actions...even if its just a slightly higher campground fee to support
>>>ranger who comes around to make sure I'm OK.

Ooh ranger on a campsite, bad vibes man.

>> Its all relative. Staying in your tent is safer than venturing
>>out. Staying at home is safer than going camping. Never being born is
>>safer than being born. Not smoking is safer than smoking. Firing a
>>shotgun in your mouth is safer than telling your girlfriend she is
>>slightly overweight.
>> and all of this is safer than mountaineering.

You have been speaking to my mum, she can only see good in me.

> You've missed the point again.
> I only care when I have to share the costs of the risks that you take.
> Climb all the mountains you want as long as my tax dollars don't get spent
>on your inevitable rescue.

You also reap the benefits of risks that I take.
>Tony arguing that memetic infection is more dangerous then blithely defying
>Newton's laws:

Always run from the woman who will convince you that
"suicide is the only solution"

into the arms of ms

"come bunjy jumping with me"

>Nate's reply:
>Frankly I would rather be ruled by an unelected conglomeration bent on
>manipulating demand then the elected shills who currently subjugate me.
> Economic boycotts seem more effective then voting.

This is a new angle on me. Please more info, I am listening.
>Eva seems like an eminently reasonable individual.

You just want to hump her.

> I happen to disagree
>with her about the relative dangers of physical action in a suggestive
>state of consciousness

Always take precautions.

> But, I feel that I can have more impact on how McDonald's does
>business then on how my country is run. McDonald's has become "greener"
>overall then the American Govt.. If I could convince McDonald's it was in
>their economic best interest to encourage drug use they would

You need to convince Mcdonalds it is in their economis best
interests to work towards global salvation.

>... which is
>more than I can say for getting the American Govt. to adopt a rational drug
>policy. My point is that advertising memes all have a built in feedback
>mechanism ... consumption.

Explain this more please.

> I don't think that advertising tries to create
>value memes so much as ride them and propagate the ones that benefit the

We are straying off the point (to areas I think we largely
agree upon). Let me return to the point, I say this.
"if you have got lung cancer then you should think deeply about
the morality of murdering an apropriate person". (nobody on this list
you cunt).

> For instance, since you're a foul breathed Welsh pig I can expect
>you to lose your teeth before you're 50. Will I think your puss got uglier
>because I've been influenced by the toothpaste advertisements or because I
>am genetically programmed to find youth more appealing? Govt. on the other
>hand overtly controls behavior.

Its not the perpetrators of tabacco memes that I hate, its the
memes themselves, I cant think of a better way of reducing them than by

>The reason that security was escalated at
>Lollapalooza was not because the promoters were worried about the welfare
>of the audience ... they were worried about torts.

This doesnt translate yet.

> Similarly, society
>controls behavior because society must pick up the cost of the
Explain this more please.

>Hope you don't mind a bit of the same.

Sorry but I am saving myself for Eva.
>If I knew the time and method of my death ... and if I were assured that as
>long as I did not smoke I would live a long and healthy life ... then
>maintaining my addiction would not be rational. On the other hand, if I
>knew that I was going to die in a car crash next year then I'd be
>chainsmoking Camel unfiltereds.

How much are you being paid to perpetuate these tired old deadly
>Nate wrote:

On behalf of Tabacco PLC, hey have you ever considered giving
your baby milk through Marlboro milk soaked ciggarrettes, its food for

>Tony replied:
>> A "have the snip attitude" is corelated with a "I am so sure of
>>what I want that nothing will ever change my mind" attitude.
>Your preconceived notion of me as an anal retentive cunt is getting in the
>way of me making my point you mis-bred coprapage

What is a corporage, you snobby cunt?

> ... God help us if you've
>already propagated. Given my mental picture of you whatever progeny your
>wife has born are probably the postman's anyway.

Oh now I see, you think that I am a man?

> It was my impression that the risks of
>taking birth control pills after 35 or so are on par with smoking. Perhaps
>a more informed reader could give me a more accurate notion of what the
>risks are.

Or where does one find reliable info on such risks? I confess I
am quoting fairly unchecked scources.
>>>Any ideas for making vasectomies/tubals cooler?
>> Advertise them heavily.
>> "Since I had all the sperm removed from my ejaculations eight
>>out of ten girls say the taste has improved.
>Who picks up the tab? The idea of postponing child rearing is in the
>pharmaceutical company's best interests, while the idea of preventing it
>altogether is not.

I think you are being too telelogical with the p[harmecuticals
here. All we need to do is discourage intercourse and encourage blow
jobs and the rest will take care of itself.

Tony Hindle.